TRAVELPARKING APPS: v3 Api Integration Guide

This document is provided and managed by the Travel Parking Group as a guide for agents wishing to integrate travel e-commerce facilities on their apps and systems.

It contains everything you need to help get your integration up and running.

Sample websites solutions are available in C#-ASP.NET and PHP, which are yours to refer to or extract code from.

Note: All code samples in this documentation have been taken from those sites.

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Initial Setup

In order to get started you will need to make sure you can satisfy each of the following prerequisites:

  • Review the documentation

    Before starting we recommend you review this document, so you are aware of the features available.

  • Have a programming language capable of supporting our web services

    Whilst any programming language could be use with web services, we only provide sample websites in C# and PHP. This documentation contains code samples in these languages.

  • Activate an account

    An active account will enable you to obtain the necessary API key needed to communicate with our systems.

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